“Legion Financial” OJSC Shares listed at BSE

On 16 February 2024, by the decision of the Listing Committee of the Baku Stock Exchange (BSE), the shares of “Legion Financial”  OJSC were included in the listing in the standard market segment of the Baku Stock Exchange.

Not later than 2 working days prior to the start of the offering the date of the offering will be announced to investors on the website of the BSE.

The underwriter for placement is “Assist Finance İ.Ş” OJSC

You can get the prospectus of the shares on the website of the BSE from the section "Reportability of issuers" (https://www.bfb.az/az/emitentler).

Information on shares is as follows:

State registration number - ISIN

Type and form of shares

Number of shares

Nominal Value

Placement form



Common denominated stock





Subscription method

“Assist Finance İ.Ş” OJSC