How to start investing?

The Baku Stock Exchange offers liquid and profitable investment opportunities by organizing transparent and fair trading of securities on the basis of advanced technologies. The listing includes stocks, government and corporate bonds according to different levels of income and risk. Thus, regardless of the funds at their disposal, each individual can take advantage of capital markets by choosing and investing in securities in different currencies, depending on the risk and return, they aim for.


Before you start trading on the stock market, you have to determine three signifcant factors for yourself:

  • how much money you would be prepared to invest in stock market instruments;
  • the term for which you would like to invest your money in financial instruments;
  • what is more important to you: to save and increment or risk and earn quickly

As an alternative to bank deposits, real estate and commodities, You can successfully invest in your future by investing in capital markets through stock exchange!

By investing in stocks, You get:
By investing in bonds, You get:
  1. Shareholder status of the company
  2. High risk and high profitability investment opportunities
  3. Opportunity to receive dividends
  1. Low risk and stable income opportunity
  2. Short, medium and long term investment opportunities
  3. Periodic and mostly fixed coupon payments

Now investing in capital markets is much more easier!

Any individual can buy a security by applying to an investment company that is a member of the exchange and opening an account with the National Depository Center.

How to start investing?