Calculation of expenses on issue and circulation of securities

The following table is intended for the calculation of expenses incurred during the issue of securities, both on-exchange and off-exchange, and during their stay in circulation.

Schedule Information:

Expenses incurred during the issuance of securities and during the period of circulation of those securities are reflected in a comparative manner by type of issue. (Stock Exchange and OTC).

It is important to enter values in the following fields to perform the calculation correctly:

  • Type of security
  • Issue volume
  • Retention period in listing
  • Market segment

You can find the procedure for calculating the costs on the table in the file below.

Note 1: The investment company's service fee (underwriting) and trading tariffs of the Baku Stock Exchange are not taken into account.

Note 2: If the issue is in foreign currency, the amount must be stated in the equivalent of AZN.