On April 20, 2021, a video conference on "Innovation and incentive mechanisms for listing in the corporate sector" will be held with the participation of the Association of Stock Market Participants of Azerbaijan, Baku Stock Exchange, international financial organizations, consulting, law and audit companies.

The purpose of the video conference is to inform the business community about the measures taken to stimulate listing in the corporate sector and the development of the capital market, as well as innovations related to listing in the corporate sector.

The video conference featured experts from the Baku Stock Exchange, international audit / consulting companies, and representatives of investment companies that are members of AFIBA. There will be a presentation on the services provided to issuers. At the same time, detailed information will be provided on the new reward mechanism launched by the Baku Stock Exchange in April this year and aimed at stimulating listing.

It regularly organizes awareness-raising events to raise awareness of capital market participants, promote the practice of issuing securities in the local business environment and listing on the stock exchange.