Now, residents living in and around the Inshaatchilar metro station will be able to use the services of a more convenient and spacious branch of Unibank. The branch, renovated at a new address and based on a new concept, will serve both business and retail customers.

According to the bank, the new address of the Inshaatchilar branch is not far from the previous address to serve customers in a wider, more comfortable space. The branch, located at 174 Sharifzade Street, near the Inshaatchilar metro station, is located opposite the old branch. A wider waiting room and a branch with numerous monitors will increase the intensity of customer service. The renovated branch provides all banking services to customers. Customers visiting the branch will be able to use high-quality settlement and cash operations, deposit processing, credit application, plastic card order, money transfer, currency exchange and other banking services. The branch has all the necessary conditions and opportunities to provide the highest level of customer service. According to the new concept, an ATM and a payment terminal with 24/7 customer service have been installed in front of the branch. The equipment, located in a closed booth, allows customers to easily use income and expenditure operations in hot and cold weather.