On March 28, 2023, an auction will be held at the Baku Stock Exchange for Government Medium-Term Bonds (MOBs) with Coupons from the Ministry of Finance. The collection of orders during the auction will be organized from 10:00 to 11:00 in accordance with the trading regulations of BSE.

Information on bond issue parameters is given in the table below:

The state registration number


Auction Volume

50 000 000 AZN

Face value 

100 АZN

Turnover period

1092 days

Coupon payment dates 

    September 26, 2023, March 26, 2024
    September 24, 2024, March 25, 2025
    September 23, 2025, March 24, 2026

Interest income


The maturity date     



Pasha Capital CJSC


During the auction, non-competitive orders are allowed, provided they do not exceed 20% of the bond issue.

In addition, if the volume of orders placed by auction participants for the purchase of bonds is lower than 20% of the volume of bonds auctioned by the Issuer, the Issuer may not accept these orders.

If the demand for government bonds exceeds the offer during the auction and the price satisfies the Issuer, the number of bonds offered by the Issuer can be increased up to 50 percent.

Those interested in participating in the auction can apply to investment companies that are members of the stock exchange. The contact details of the exchange members are placed in the "Members" section of the BSE website (www.bfb.az).