On November 20, 2023, the auction for placement of 50,000,000 manat bonds of Azerbaijan Republic Mortgage and Credit Guarantee Fund OJSC with a maturity of 8640 days, nominal value of 1,000 manats, ISIN AZ2077008681 and the amount of 50,000,000 manats was concluded.

During the auction, 1 order was submitted by 1 investor. The annual interest rate of the bond is 3 %, and the interest payment period is 180 days (every 6 months).

The total amount of the orders with the auction price of 1,000 manats was 50,000,000 manats at the nominal price. The volume of bonds placed at a nominal price was 50,000,000 manats.

The maturity date of the bonds is July 17, 2047.

The underwriter for placement is "Unicapital" OJSC.