According to the voluntary application of "Gunay Sigorta" OJSC, due to the cancellation of its license, a decision was made to delist the listed securities.

In accordance with clause 3.5 of the Baku Stock Exchange's "Listing, maintenance, delisting and trading of securities" rules by the Listing Committee, "If the issuer of securities is engaged in the type of activity that requires a license in accordance with the law, the authorized body for performing this activity relevant licenses issued by must be valid". Due to the voluntary cancellation of the license of "Gunay Insurance" OJSC, "Baku Stock Exchange" CJSC started the delisting procedure of the securities kept in the listing with ISIN code AZ1001008346. It should be noted that in accordance with the listing rules of the Baku Stock Exchange, the delisting decision will come into force 2 months after it is announced to the public, and the securities will be removed from trading.