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Mortgage and Credit Guarantee Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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Fullname:Mortgage and Credit Guarantee Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Establishment date:16.11.2005
Related person:Unal Mammadov
Auditor:"RSM Azerbaijan" LLC
Head office:Baku, AZ1014, Azerbaijan, 40, Bul-bul avenue
Contact phone:1549
Official site:http://mcgf.gov.az/
Business activity:

The Fund has the following duties:

implements mortgage as well as preferential mortgage lending;

guarantees mortgage loans, also loans received by entrepreneurs from authorized banks in Manats;

purchases residential areas and rents them with the commitment to sell;

organizes “electronic mortgage and credit guarantee system” and provides its activity;

controls the underwriting of loans and the use of funds according to their designation, also, in order to check the application of credit rating model by bank, provides monitoring of entrepreneurships in a manner to be prescribed by law;

issues bonds, also carries out actions on attracting investments in other forms to provide liquidity in the field of mortgage lending, to develop the Fund’s activity, to raise efficiency and reliability;

delivers consulting on mortgage lending, information and other services, also study programs for banks, insurers and appraisers participating in lending mortgage;

delivers consulting services on debt management, risk assessment and management for entrepreneurs.

Name of the securities:Bond AZ2046008689 100.000.000 AZN ( 1st issue) Date of Registration: 02-07-20
Investment security:Bond
Type:İnterest beared coupon
Form:Sənəsdiz adlı
Nominal:1000 AZN
Number of securities:25 000
Listing date:17.07.2020
Date of beginning of the trade:20.07.2020
Market segment:Main
Lot number:1

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      Board of Directors

      • Fakhri Kazimov (chairman)
      • Rahman Hummatov (Deputy Chairman)
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