Last Friday, the chairman of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan, Elman Rustamov, said that several banks were under special control, the coronavirus epidemic had a negative impact on those banks, and their situation was discussed in the Financial Stability Board.

According to Marja, Yelo Bank is one of the banks that has not been able to avoid losses for the last 5 years. Although the name of Nikoil Bank, which was tarnished in several scandals, was changed to Yelo Bank, the company did not escape the damage.

In the period of 2015-2020, Yelo Bank finished 2019 only with a very small profit of 69,000 manat. The bank has a net profit of 9 million manat in 2015, 148 million 539 thousand manat in 2016, 2 million 709 thousand manat in 2017, 135 million 200 thousand manat in 2018, and 39 million 749 thousand manat in 2020. closed with damage. The total net loss of Yelo Bank over the past 5 years amounted to 326 million 206 thousand manat. During this period, the shareholders made an additional investment of 343.5 million manat in the Bank to avoid a shortage of capital. In short, the authorized capital of the Bank was increased from 34.5 million to 378 million manat. 86% of the Bank's authorized capital was "evaporated" due to the accumulated losses. In particular, the shareholders invested 30 million manat in the Bank in 2020, but the Bank's loss of 39 million 749 thousand manat in 2020 completely wiped out this investment.