The next annual general meeting of shareholders will be held on June 5, 2020 at 16.00.

Agenda issues:

1. Discussion and approval of the annual balance sheet of the company (distribution of losses and profits).

2. Report of the Audit Commission on the financial and economic activities of the company for 2019.

3. Discussion and decision-making on the future activities of the company.

4. Organizational issues (consideration of the composition of the board, supervisory board and audit commission).

5. Other issues.

The meeting will be held in 1008 Hasan Aliyev Street, Baku, where the society is located. Shareholders can get acquainted with the materials on the agenda of the general meeting 2 hours prior to the general meeting at the legal address where the company is located.

Contact telephones- (012) 440-86-25, (012) 440-09-19.