From December 2, 2022, the Securities Issuance System created by the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan was put into use.

The services provided to issuers by the Central Bank, the National Depository Center, and the Baku Stock Exchange regarding the state registration and placement of investment securities (stocks and bonds) through the system have started to be implemented electronically. The main goal of creating this system is to create flexible financing opportunities in the market by expanding the application of electronic services on the capital market and making access to the market more accessible through digital channels. 

Issuers for previously conducted relevant transactions applied to all three institutions mentioned above separately, and the required documents were submitted in paper carriers. The newly created system allows one to carry out relevant transactions electronically. This will make an important contribution to the development of the capital market in our country, increase the quality of service in this area, and ensure the comfort of issuers.