On November 2, 2021, the SOCAR Tower was the venue for a report event for the report primary bonds issued in 2016 and launching of operations in the secondary market of SOCAR bonds

      In the opening speech SOCAR Chief Financial Advisor and moderator of the event Ali Aghaoglu noted that the flagman of the Azerbaijani economy SOCAR continues to create alternative investment opportunities for investors with mega projects .He emphasized that the company is proud to contribute to the development of local capital markets. 

SOCAR Vice President for Economic Affairs Suleiman Gasimov spoke about the history of SOCAR bonds, their contribution to the country's economy and the investors' growing interest in the new bonds. Samir Ismayilov, Deputy Director of Capital Markets Department of Central Bank, Eldar Abdullayev, Chairman of Baku Stock Exchange, spoke about the role of SOCAR bonds in the development of the securities market and incentives for issuing other corporate bonds, and mentioned November 1 placement of new SOCAR bonds worth $100 million a new success for domestic capital markets.