On October 26, 2023, the third "Issuer's Day" event organized by the Baku Stock Exchange will take place.

"Finca Azerbaijan" GBKT LLC will act as the issuer at the meeting, which will be attended by "Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan", "Baku Stock Exchange" CJSC, "National Depository Center of the Republic of Azerbaijan" and "AzFinance Investment Company" CJSC. During the event, "Finca Azerbaijan" LLC, an active participant of the organized capital market in Azerbaijan, will share its experience on the market with the meeting participants. The presenters of the meeting, in turn, will inform the participants of the meeting about the possibilities of organized capital markets, which are an alternative source of financing.

The purpose of the event is to convey the benefits of an organized capital market to investors and potential issuers. Companies with securities listed on the Baku Stock Exchange, potential issuers: banks, non-bank credit organizations, insurance companies and companies from other fields will participate in the event as listeners. The event will be open to mass media.

The event will be held in the administrative building of the stock exchange.