As an additional measure to support the process of securities market promotion, issuers of shares to be listed on the Baku Stock Exchange for the first time from August 1, 2022 will be exempted from listing fees until December 31, 2023.

This step is aimed at increasing the number of joint stock companies listed on the BSE and increasing the market capitalization of the BSE as a whole.

In order to develop the capital market, the Baku Stock Exchange is implementing measures in several directions. Thus, in order to promote private sector financing initiatives from the capital market and listing on the stock exchange, listing requirements have been simplified and the introduction of an incentive tariff regime in the capital market has been initiatedAt the same time, in order to stimulate mass offerings of non-state securities, the Exchange applies a mechanism for encouraging investment companies that provide underwriting services. This, in its turn, positively affects opportunities of securities offering on the Exchange by the mass offering method. In addition, the Exchange organizes intensive educational events in the capital and regions of our country with participation of relevant government agencies and investment companies.