The third issue was completed successfully. METAK earned 860,000 AZN for bondholders.

Despite the impact of the global pandemic on the world economy, METAK has paid off its debt on time.

According to the information received by Marja, on 18.05.2020, METAK successfully paid the final interest and principal on the 3rd bond issue.

The next issue of the company amounted to 3 million AZN and brought 10% annual income to its owners.

The company paid a total of AZN 860,000 to bondholders on all three issues (1st 3 million AZN, 12% per annum, 2nd 2 million AZN 10%, 3rd 3 million AZN 10% coupon payments). earned.

METAK expresses its deep gratitude to all bondholders for their contribution to the non-oil sector and the economy of Azerbaijan as a whole.