According to the prospectus of the bonds ISIN AZ2034008683, AZ2035008682, AZ2036008681 issued by the Azerbaijan Mortgage and Credit Guarantee Fund

as at the date of payment of interest on the bonds, it is planned to pay a certain part of the bonds' nominal value (equal to the payment of the principal debt on the assets included in the pledge) together with the payment of interest.

Mortgage and Guarantee Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan provided information that on November 18th 2020, the issuer made the next payment of interest on AZ2034008683, AZ2035008682, AZ2036008681.

Respectively, as of November 18th 2020, the nominal balance of these bonds is 871.54 AZN.

In the next period the interest payment rate of 3% will be calculated for 871.54 AZN.

Baku Stock Exchange should take into account that the market price of the bond is 871.54 AZN when trading with ISIN AZ2034008683, AZ2035008682, AZ2036008681.