Rating Expressbank's successful and efficient activity was once again highly rated by the international financial agency Fitch Ratings.

Fitch Ratings, which assesses the adequacy of the economic and financial sector in terms of adequacy, growth of customer portfolio growth, revenue potential, and transparency, praised Expressbank's performance and affirmed the Bank's rating with a "B" rating of "stable".

Against the background of global political and economic events in the world, the approval of Expressbank's activities by such a high rating agency by a world-class financial agency is also a manifestation of state support in the financial and banking sector in our country.

Fitch Core Capital accounted for 38% of risk-weighted assets according to Fitch Ratings' methodology. Expressbank's business strategy and successful financial policies and the bank capital sustainability were rated by Fitch Ratings on the following ratings: 

  • The issuer's long-term default rating is "stable" at "B"
  • Short-term default rating at "B"

This forecast of Fitch Ratings reflects the potential to cover possible risks, taking into account the quality of assets of Expressbank and the adequacy of capital. This is an example of the bank's activities in accordance with the norms and standards of the agency.