International rating agency Fitch Ratings has once again confirmed the high rating of Expressbank, one of the leading banks in Azerbaijan.

Thus, the economic environment, the dynamics and quality of the customer portfolio, growth prospects, transparency, profitability, etc. Fitch Ratings praised Expressbank's business strategy, successful policy, and stable financial performance, and affirmed the bank's rating with a “B” rating of “stable”.

This indicator, which reflects the bank's high capital, liquidity position and stable financial position, is considered one of the highest results among the country's banks.

Despite the impact of the non-traditional market environment created by the pandemic on the country's economy, maintaining the Bank's high rating by a reputable international rating agency is an indication of the Bank's sound position in the market and financial stability.

The bank's capital stability had a strong impact on the rating. Thus, the bank's fixed capital, according to the relevant methodology of Fitch Ratings (Fitch Core Capital), accounted for 49% of assets measured by risk.

Approved ratings are as follows:

Issuer's long-term default rating is "stable" at "B"

Short-term default rating at "B"

This forecast of Fitch Ratings reflects the potential to cover possible risks, taking into account the quality of Expressbank's assets and capital adequacy.