ABB-Invest Investment Company CJSC (hereinafter referred to as ABB-Invest) and Baku Stock Exchange (hereinafter BSE) signed a memorandum of partnership within the Listing Advisory Program.

Along with this partnership, ABB-Invest implemented its first underwriting service by providing underwriting services on the bond issue of NBCO Embafinans CJSC (hereinafter Embafinans). Through the first underwriting service of ABB-Invest, one of the most important events in the capital markets in 2021, the BSE “Opening Bell” ceremony was held to mark the next bond issue of Embafinans in the organized capital markets. Thus, the issuance of bonds by Embafinans from the non-oil sector of Azerbaijan is of special importance for the development of local organized capital markets.

The opening ceremony was attended by the issuer Embafinans, the exchange member ABB-Invest investment company and the BSE. Announcing the “Opening Bell” Ceremony, BSE Board Chairman Eldar Abdullayev said that Embafinans' bond issue through the stock exchange was a successful result of measures taken to develop the financial sector in Azerbaijan and would play a special role in creating new investment opportunities for citizens. reported. At the same time, these bonds will create a fertile investment climate with greater opportunities for investors, leading to the diversification of financial instruments in the corporate securities market.

 At the end of the event, an "opening bell" was rung to symbolize the issuance of bonds on the primary market, and the initial trading of bonds on the BSE trading platform began.