Placement of AZ2001025447 state registration number 500,000 (five hundred thousand) manat interest-bearing, unsecured, unsecured bonds with a maturity of 24 months, a nominal value of 1,000 manats and a nominal value of AZ2001025447 at the Baku Stock Exchange on May 23, 2023 auction has been completed.

During the auction, 3 orders were submitted by 3 investors. The annual interest rate of the bond is 13%, and the interest payment period is every 90 days.

The total amount of the orders at the nominal price was 500,000 manats. The volume of bonds placed at a nominal price was 500,000 manats.

The maturity date of the bonds is 23.05.2025.

The underwriter of the placement is "Unicapital Investment Company" JSC.