On December 21, 2021, the auction on placement of discounted, unsecured undocumented, registered bonds of “AzFinance Investment Company” CJSC with state registration number AZ2002019712 in the amount of AZN 1,000,000.00 was completed at Baku Stock Exchange.

During the auction 1 order was submitted by 1 investor with a price range of 782.9081 AZN (9.108%).

The cut-off price in the placement of the bonds was set at AZN 782.9081 (9.108%) and the weighted average price at AZN 782.9081 (9.108%).

The total amount of orders at face value was AZN 1,000,000.00. The volume of bonds placed at face value was AZN 1,000,000.00.