The development of the securities market as an important area of the financial system is constantly focused on by the Central Bank. In this field, progressive legal and organizational measures have been implemented, and the necessary normative legal framework and regulatory mechanisms have been created.

On March 31, 2023, the Securities Trading System BETP and the Central Depository Platform CEDAR created by the Baku Stock Exchange BSE, the National Depository Center NDC of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Montran company, one of the leading corporations in the field of financial technologies, were successfully launched.

Newly created systems allow efficient manage business processes carried out with securities. These systems are built according to best practices and ISO 20022 standards.

The BETP Trading System put into operation by the Baku Stock Exchange, the Central Depository System called CEDAR of the National Depository Center will play an important role in the improvement of the Capital Market Infrastructure of Azerbaijan and the sustainable development of the country' s securities market. The BSE's BETP Trading System enables real-time trading of securities and repo operations.

About Baku Stock Exchange:

Baku Stock Exchange JSC is the only stock exchange operating in Azerbaijan. The main mission of the Baku Stock Exchange is to help the economic growth of the Republic of Azerbaijan through the provision of a wide range of means for the attraction of financial resources by local issuers, to provide a platform for the redistribution of sales capacity in the financial system, and to provide a transparent investment environment for local and foreign investors.